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Our local newspaper, the Rochester Democrat & Chronicle has a front-page story about Facebook and the dispute over safety on the popular social networking site. State officials are investigating the solicitation of minors and the use of inappropriate images on the site. Two teens interviewed for the story expressed little or no concern over their privacy being violated by online predators:

“Aixin Wang, 17, of Brighton and a member of the Democrat and Chronicle Editorial Board’s Teen Council, said she has an account with Facebook, which she said “has been really safe in protecting my information” and “I haven’t had a problem with anything.” But she said that “if there seems to be a problem, it’s a good thing to check it out.”

Fellow Teen Council member Sujay Tyle, 14, who attends Pittsford Mendon High School, expressed similar sentiments. He said he feels secure on the site because he believes it adequately restricts contacts to invited friends and other members of his school.”

I have a problem with this, because no child or teenager should wholly trust a company to protect their privacy and their interests. This is the parents’ responsibility, who should be monitoring the teenagers and their use of online networking sites. It strikes me as an issue that needs to be addressed in the classroom, whether through the library or primary teacher, but a class on Internet privacy and information ethics should be an essential component to information literacy instruction.


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A couple of social networking blogs that caught my attention tonight. One is from a colleague over at the University of Rochester who actually attended my workshop last week. Cynthia’s blog is Long time listener, first time caller — I love the title! Cynthia works in IT at the library and is doing much the same thing as me — collecting lots of good library & web 2.0 gadgets and tools and taking them back to her institution and teaching others. The second one is called Mashable! The Social Networking Blog and I found it through Cynthia’s blog. Mashable has lots of great widgets and code for inserting into your blogs, websites and social networking apps like MySpace and YouTube.

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