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This very cool story about the Public Library of Charlotte & Mecklenburg County gives me hope for libraries and relevancy in the 21st century!  The IT director charged her staffers with finding and using Web 2.0 technologies in the course of their jobs.  The results? They developed a program called Learning 2.0 which is being adopted by libraries around the country to insert Web 2.0 tools into their workflow and their outreach to communities.  Way cool!


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Michael Stephens is writing a follow-up to his Web 2.0 article which was in last year’s Library Technology Reports.  In it, he describes a recent report written by the director of South Carolina’s statewide library services, which, details libraries’ and librarians’ use of emerging tools such as blogs and IM before and after statewide technology workshops….”.  As many as 60% of the libraries who participated were planning on incorporating some sort of emerging technologies into their upcoming technology plans.  Read more on the ALA TechSource blog.

60% is a huge number!  I wonder if this is comparable in other states and whether it could just be a passing fad?  The impressive numbers came after these statewide tech workshops when the momentum is high for participants to use what they have just learned.  It will be interesting to track this and see what happens down the road in a year.

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