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News junkies beware: The New York Times released a beta version of myTimes, a customizable homepage for your favorite Times content. TechCrunch is not impressed, although Jenny Levine at Shifted Librarian makes the comment that this is a “tipping point” for the mainstream public and their acceptance of RSS and news aggregators. Plus, if you are a New York Times fanatic, its fun to play with all the widgets!


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Jenny Levine describes the Google application for offline access to the Google newsreader on her blog. In a nutshell,

Basically, Google Gears is code that anyone can embed in their online tools to make them available offline. It’s integrated into Google Reader via a one-time install that doesn’t even require you to restart your browser. Once activated, a little icon appears in the upper right-hand corner, green for online, purple for offline.

Perfect for those who have downtime between Internet access points…

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