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Great video about social networking from the folks at Common Craft.  This would be a  neat intro for a workshop or class for beginners.

Common Craft (Lee & Sachi LeLever) create all kinds of videos on Web 2.0 topics for the non-techie web user.


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I have to admit, reading this story was a bit depressing, considering the investment of time we are putting into podcasting here at my library.  Yahoo! is closing down its podcast directory and rumors are it is because of low interest and the closing of their entertainment divisioin…

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Today I have been thinking a lot about book discussions and libraries, particularly academic libraries.  My library is sponsoring a faculty book discussion next week, around the book The View From the Center of the Universe, and it got me thinking about why my library doesn’t do more book discussion projects.  Time is, of course, the first reason which comes to mind.  But it shouldn’t be that hard considering we are an academic library and have access to great material and a faculty who are generally fond of the library and the programming we provide.   Laura Cohen writes about adding value to the library; not just through marketing our collections, but also through engaging users in social and participatory websites that discuss books.  One example she uses is the creation of discussion blogs revolving around campus reading programs or visiting writers.  A library website or blog is the perfect place to start these virtual discussions.  People recognize the word “library” and may have an old-fashioned idea about our mission or may see us as just dusty warehouses of books.  Since people are going to the web for book discussions, shouldn’t we be there when go looking?

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